Election Night in Grant Park!

I moved to Springfield, Illinois only three weeks ago. When I learned that Obama's election party would be held in Chicago at Grant Park, and that it would be open to the public, I knew I had to go. Chicago is a three-hour train ride from here, so the only real expense would be the hotel. I initially decided to go alone, since my husband would be working election night, but I couldn't keep from thinking it would be more fun to share it with someone. However, the only good friend I have in Illinois isn't keen on political rallies, and doesn't talk about politics. Most of the other people I considered inviting would have to fly to town, and on short notice to boot. During a video ichat with my friend Cydney, I tossed the idea out to her. She recently moved back to Boston and is working as a freelance photographer. She was interested, and when she found a reasonably priced ticket to O'Hare, she bought it. So we were there! And here are some pictures:

Even picketers outside of a hotel were using Obama imagery:

Lots of buttons and t-shirts for sale. And let me tell you, some of those t-shirt designs were awfully ugly....particularly the ones we saw on the street. The official t-shirts were pretty cool.

The line to get into Grant Park:

While we were waiting in line, we spent a certain amount of time on the phone, trying to get updates. These are two people we met while waiting to get in:

Inside the park and chatting with friends in Florida:

This is my demented Obama-just-took-Ohio smile. This was one of the highlights of my night. My mom, a registered democrat and Ohio resident, considered voting for McCain (though with great hesitation) because he had "more experience." Every time we chatted, I would talk up Obama, and why she should vote for him. It didn't take much convincing.

Obama takes the stage:


(all photos © Cydney Scott/SOS)

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