Birthday Cakes

It's party day at the Incertus residence, and three of the four bloggers will be here today. The cake on the right is for me, as I am the Olde English Teacher who reached forty yesterday. The other cake is for Amy's brother-in-law, whose birthday is on Halloween, but who is joining us tonight.

But I take credit for the last cake here--the idea, if not the execution. See, Amy's birthday is in July, which makes this roughly her 33 1/3 birthday, and so...

It's supposed to be a record album, okay? The writing in the middle is the logo for the new Chupacabra Hunter website, linked in the sidebar: Checkpoint 7 Productions. That's the other reason for our party; the final episode is hitting Youtube this afternoon, and we'll post it here as soon as it's live.

Meanwhile, Happy Saturday, y'all, and go get in some trouble.

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