Dear Florida Republicans,
I know times are tough. Your national candidate is behind, in part because he's tied at the neck to George W. Bush and in part because he chose a completely unqualified running-mate. Your governor decided that making the voting system work was more important than depressing the vote to help his party's candidate win in the state. And I think it's got to be tough recognizing that this state, which was supposed to be safe for McCain, is at the very least a toss-up.

But don't go getting paranoid on us.

Broward Republican Party leaders are warning the party faithful not to trust the Postal Service with their absentee ballots.

The outside of the absentee ballot envelopes are marked "Dem" or "Rep," depending on the party registration of the voter, and the party leaders said the Republican designation means something may happen to the ballots.

"This is a shame that we cannot trust the postal people," said Colleen Stolberg, the absentee ballot chairwoman for the Broward Republican Party. "These people are stealing votes from us."
I know everyone looks for someone to blame when things don't go their way, but the Postal Service is not stealing votes from you. If it makes you feel better to turn in the ballots in person, knock yourself out, but don't slander the most cost-effective and efficient government agency around in the meantime.


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