That's all. Three and a half weeks until the election, and I swear, it can't pass quickly enough, because, especially lately, I have lost every ounce of patience I once had for the Republican party and the people that are showing up for John McCain's and Sarah Palin's rallies.

On the official campaign front, I'm tired of McCain trying to tie William Ayers not only to Barack Obama, but now to Michelle Obama. And I'm tired of McCain talking smack at his campaign stops, but not having the guts to say anything about Ayers to Obama's face at the debates. I'm tired of the way they constantly accuse Obama of doing exactly what they're doing, like saying that Obama's complaints about McCain supporters calling him a terrorist are an attack on Americans.

Speaking of which, I'm tired of so-called loyal Americans screaming out crap like "Obama is a domestic terrorist" and "He's a communist and a Marxist" and campaign rallies. And I'm even more tired of both McCain and Palin not calling them out for it, because that gives tacit support for the actions.

I've always known, deep down, that this was likely to happen if Obama kept a lead. The really scary racist crap would come out and we would have to deal with it. And I suspect it will get worse over the next three and a half weeks while we get closer to election day. The polls so far suggest the Ayers attacks aren't hurting Obama, and a part of me hopes that those few independent voters left will be turned off by them, especially when we're facing such dire economic times. But I can't wait for it to be over, because this is freaking ridiculous.

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