Thanks everyone

I've been blogging for a while now--next January will be five years--and in the two-plus years I've had a Sitemeter on this site, Incertus has never had so many visitors in a month as we did in September. We don't get a ton of traffic here--some other political sites get what we did in September in a day or less--but we appreciate it all the same, and trust me, we get a lot more than I ever imagined we would back when I started this thing.

So thank you to my co-bloggers Amy and S.O.S. and Sedmikrasky, and to everyone who links us and especially to the people who leave comments and add to the conversation. We'll likely hit 100,000 total visits sometime this month, and perhaps I can figure out something special to do for that visitor (if I can figure out who it is).

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