Sounds ugly

Ralph De La Cruz has an, ummm, interesting story to tell about Palm Beach politics.

For eight years we've moved from one political fiasco to another.

Sunday, at a screening of a movie about radical Islam at a Boca Raton theater, two men impersonating terrorists — dressed up in camouflage pants, black shirts and black ski masks — stood in front of the theater. They held a huge sign with Arabic lettering and a message in English: "Change [he] can believe in." Below that was a photo of Barack Obama: "Endorsed by Hamas."

Monday, six members of a traveling group of gay and lesbian activists tried to crash a chapel service at Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Christian college. They were arrested. After all, they have a right to free speech, but not to trespass.
False equivalency aside, it seems like people are getting a little chippy up in Palm Beach county. But it's really a bit one-sided--the LGBT activists are from out of town and are doing this all over the country, while the locals are doing the Muslim-hating and the abortion sideshow. Oh, I didn't tell you about Abortion Nights?
During Halloween — four days before Election Day — the Genocide Awareness Group plans to put up a display on county property with mural-size photos comparing abortion to — it angers me even to write it — the Holocaust and Ku Klux Klan lynchings.
Those are some classy folks doing this sort of thing, and if you call them on it, I guarantee you, they'll not only put on the best self-righteous act you've ever seen, but they'll say you're going to hell for daring to question their interpretation of the Bible. That's where being absolutely certain that you have the One Truth about the universe comes in handy. Of course, it clashes with that whole "judge not, lest ye be judged" thing, but that's just in the Bible. Who reads that thing?

I do want to say that I have a great number of friends in Palm Beach County, many of whom are religious, and who are no doubt disturbed by this sort of thing. And Broward has their share of them as well--Coral Ridge Ministries is right down the road, and they've got a whole mess of crazy going on in there daily, and they're far from alone.

Do you think this will all calm down in about 3 weeks? Or will the wingnuts explode at the thought of a AfrocommunonazislamofascislibersocialatheistsurrendermonkeyhateAmericafirster as President?

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