Because I don't see how this solves the problem.

WASHINGTON -- Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the Guantánamo Bay prison for suspected terrorists can't be closed unless Congress acts to bar inmates from emigrating to the U.S., a step he said was impossible in an election year.
See, as I understand it, a big part of the reason why people who have been cleared of wrongdoing who are held in Guantanamo haven't been released is because there's nowhere to send them. Their countries either don't want them back, or worse, want them back so they can do bad things to them.

That's the problem with the Uighur situation that's been playing out lately. US law forbids sending prisoners back to countries where there's reason to believe they'd be tortured, no one else is willing to take them in, and the US refuses to allow them to immigrate even though there's a community ready to give them shelter and jobs and help them assimilate. So what exactly does Gates hope to accomplish with this sort of legislation? Does he hope to make an impossible situation even more impossible? I'll be the first to admit I don't always understand how people who in the Bush administration think, but this really has me baffled.

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