So American Airlines introduced internet service on some of its 767s that fly cross-country. If I found myself on such a flight, I would certainly be tempted to take advantage of the service (though it would probably be a bit more expensive than I could handle). But I certainly wouldn't use it to do this.

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines says it will filter an in-flight Internet service to block pornography sites, reversing course after complaints from flight attendants and passengers....

American, the largest U.S. carrier, said it hasn't gotten reports of passengers viewing "inappropriate content" on the Gogo in-flight service but said filtering was "an appropriate measure to take."
Set aside the seeming contradiction in those two paragraphs for a bit--what kind of person would think it's a good idea to boob-scan on a flight? That takes the idea of the mile-high club in a completely different direction. Watch out for the guy taking his laptop to the lavatory--he may be a while.

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