A little help

Early voting starts in Florida next Monday, and while I'm really excited about the possibility that Florida will go for Obama, I'm also worried about the possibility that Amendment 2 might pass. Now we only need 40% to beat it, but it's really close to that right now. SayNo2 has been leading the fight, but they need a hand. Here's the latest ad they want to run.

It's pretty simple--they don't have the cash to put it on tv right now. You can make a donation to their media fund here, but if you can't spare a few bucks--and don't feel bad if that's the case, because I can't either--at the very least pass this ad around, and talk to fellow Florida voters about this very important issue. We need to beat this amendment and prove that hate won't carry the day here in Florida. Vote Obama and No on Amendment 2.

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