Joe Biden Roars

I blogged yesterday about Sarah Palin's comments about loving the "Pro-America" parts of the country. Now it would be easy to simply dismiss her comments as stupid and leave them at that, but in a country where we're seeing more and more violence being threatened against or committed against Obama supporters by out of control McCain/Palin supporters, it's the kind of thing that can't go unanswered.

Which is why I was glad to see Joe Biden respond the way he did:

"I hope it was just a slip on her part and she doesn't really mean it. But she said, it was reported she said, that she likes to visit, 'pro-American' parts of the country," he said to loud boos.

"It doesn't matter where you live, we all love this country, and I hope it gets through. We all love this country," he said. "We are one nation, under God, indivisible. We are all patriotic. We all love our country in every part of this nation! And I'm tired. I am tired, tired, tired, tired of the implications about patriotism."

I'm tired of it too, Joe. We're all pretty tired of it, I think.

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