I'd heard the idea before Sarah Palin used it in her interview with Charlie Gibson, the notion that to blink when faced with an important decision was a bad thing, that it was a sign of indecisiveness, and that only the weak-willed hesitate when faced with a crisis. I imagine it's tied to the cliché "he who hesitates is lost."

It shouldn't be surprising to anyone who knows the meaning of the word I chose for this blog nearly five years ago that I'd be a fan of blinking. It's Latin for "uncertain," and while I'm as good as spouting opinions as any other blogger, I also like to think that I'm as open to interrogation as I can be, and am willing to admit when I'm in over my head. I blink at times. It's a way of acknowledging my limitations.

George Bush doesn't blink when it comes to his policies, as this story on his Cuba policy points out.

After eight years in office, Bush remains perennially popular among hard-line exiles for his steadfast refusal to blink when it comes to relaxing U.S. policy toward Cuba -- and his championing of the island's dissidents.
How has anyone benefited from Bush's refusal to blink, whether in Cuba policy or Iraq policy or economic policy? Sometimes you can't simply face down problems with a steel jaw and a resolute will. Often you need to take a minute, gather yourself, and seek some advice before plunging in and potentially making matters worse.

After all, the purpose of blinking is to clear your eyes of debris and keep them lubricated so as to enhance vision. Isn't a clear view of the problem, metaphorically speaking, what we want our leaders to have in a crisis? We've had eight years of reflexive, unthinking, unblinking responses to stimuli passing for leadership in this country. Give me a blinker for once.

Here's the Random Ten. Put your iTunes on Party Shuffle and post the next ten songs to pop up. No skipping embarrassing songs. Let the nerdcore rise up and embrace it. You'll feel better for it. Here we go.
1. "The Raven"--Lord Buckley
2. When the Lights Go Out--The Black Keys
3. Action Satisfaction--Jurassic 5
4. Beatific--Glass Candy
5. Everything--Ben Harper
6. Revolution Solution--Thievery Corporation
7. Got You On His Mind--The Subdudes
8. Pretty Polly--Big Smith
9. Phonograph Blues--Robert Johnson
10. When You Sleep--Cake
Leave your lists in comments. I won't be around much today--lots of personal business to attend to this afternoon, so maybe the other posters can pick up the slack a bit.

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