I'm about as partisan as they come, but not stupidly so. I look at candidates and make up my mind based on that, and in an admittedly rare case of ticket splitting, I've decided that when I go to early voting on Monday, I'm voting for one Republican.

That Republican is Sheriff Al Lamberti. I'll admit, it's not a high-profile race for me. I liked Wiley Thompson in the primary, but when he didn't win the Democratic nomination, I didn't really think about it much afterward. The Sun-Sentinel is recommending Al Lamberti for the job, but it was this part of the endorsement that really swayed me.

Steve Israel, who was a registered Republican before switching parties to run for sheriff after being passed over by Crist for the appointment, is a good candidate.
I figure that if my choices are between a Republican who stuck by his guns and a Republican who figured he couldn't beat his opponent, I'll go with the more stable one. There are other issues as well, but in the end, that's the main one.

I'm open to being swayed. So local readers, if you have good reasons why I should reconsider, let me know in comments.

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