I think you'll find a photo of Richard E. J. Driskill. Who's he? He's the toolbag who claims to be responsible for the sign that so embarrassed Broward Republican Party Chairman Chip LaMarca yesterday.

Richard E. J. Driskill, Toolbag, wrote the Sun-Sentinel yesterday to complain about the treatment his sign has received. They've posted the entire thing, and it's really a piece of work in that it's a brilliant example of how attempting to sound erudite can have the opposite effect. In this case, it leaves Driskill sounding like south Florida's real-life Cliff Clavin.

This series of posters was my sole idea, my creation, and I printed them all on my home printer within a period of about 24 hours a few days ago. I believe I did a very good job on all of them, as it is my forte to only produce quality in everything I do. The severe angle of the photographed poster does not do it justice; it is as though it is a photograph taken in a forbidden area on the sly. Did the photographer get permission to acquire my illustration from a position on private property? Did you get a signed release for my art work? I never gave anyone permission to reproduce any of them without my consent.

So, I hope we are now clear on where they all came from and who they belong to. I will now address how they came to hang on the wall of the facility in question. But I believe you are only interested in the one that you find to be inflammatory. I consider it to be informative....

It is I who should have been afforded the ability to directly address your concerns. After all, it is the message you take offense to; not that this is an opportunity to attack the Republican Party, correct? I am the messenger, approach me. Alas, I am also disappointed that party personnel incorrectly responded in a politically correct fashion, rather than discerning the facts, determining it was I who had created and placed the posters, and discuss it with me, wherein I then would directly discuss it with you. The exact response given did nothing but fuel the false fire presented. By the way, your use of the word "mock" utilizes incorrect nomenclature. I did not mock Senator Obama's call for change (like an image of a few coins in your hand); rather I was shocked at the entire statement as it appeared and responded to that level of shock (to -change- the greatest country on the face of the Earth) with my informative association of other like-minded individuals.
Go read the whole thing. If it weren't apparently sincere, I'd consider it a piece of performance art.

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