Good News on Amendment 2

This will actually deal with more than that, but I wanted to get the tentatively good news out there. Right now, we're winnng on Amendment 2. It's far from a done deal, and the haters out there are not only starting a church tour today, they're spending a ton of money on ads trying to make up the ground they need to pass this thing, and they could easily pull it off. But the latest poll says we're on the good side of the numbers.

An effort to rewrite the Florida Constitution to prohibit gay marriage is falling short of the numbers needed for victory in the Nov. 4 election, a Sun Sentinel and Florida Times-Union poll shows.

The poll of 600 likely voters shows support for Amendment 2 at 53 percent, less than the 60 percent approval rate required to change the constitution.
Somewhere else--can't find it just now--the numbers are 53-42 with 5% undecided. So we're not outside the margin of error, but the supporters of Amerndment 2 have a lot more ground to make up than we do. That's great news. Early voting begins Monday, and the more votes we can bank to kill this thing, the better.

As to the rest of the amendments. I can't say I've looked deeply into them, so I'm tending to rely on others, and in this case, I'm looking at Michael Mayo. He gives what seem to me to be solid reasons to vote yes on everything but 2, although he admits that Amendment 4 is a little tricky, and depends on the legislature doing the right thing, which is never something you want to rely on, but it might be worth the risk. Take a look at his article for the details.

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