Go ahead. Keep it up.

It's clear that the recent attacks that the McCain/Palin campaign have made on the press are having an effect on their base. There's the last story I blogged about as an example, and there's this follow-up from Dana Milbank about how ugly the campaign trail is getting on the Republican side:

"None of this is new, but the degree of intensity is different," Milbank says. "It's taken an uglier turn. I've been doing this for years, and there's never been anything quite like this."

Milbank says that after the Palin attacked the New York Times and Katie Couric in her stump speech yesterday in Florida, he and other reporters were pelted with boos, with some saying things like "screw you" and "fucking liberal media."

"McCain has so overtly taken on the media -- they're doing it to rile the base," he continued. "And lo and behold, the base is good and riled."
To which I say, go right ahead. Keep it up. Because conservative anger might get the base vote out, but it doesn't endear you to independents. It turns them off.

Think back to other great moments in conservative anger. Remember Terri Schiavo? The wingnuts were in full bloom during that mess, and it wasn't long afterward that you started seeing the independents edge away from the Republican party.

So come on, wingnuts. Sing it loud and proud. Bay at the moon. Drop an n-bomb or two on a pool reporter. Make our job that much easier. Help us give Obama the kind of mandate that King George the Lesser could only dream of. If you keep this up, the Democrats might hit 60%.

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