Football Fans for Obama!

Miami Dolphins Owner Wayne Huizenga (not the most popular man in south Florida) may have just gift-wrapped the state for Barack Obama, saying he'll sell his stake in the Dolphins If Obama is elected.

Okay, that's not quite accurate. Huizenga is actually selling his stake because he believes Obama will be elected, and that Obama's tax policies will be less favorable to billionaires who sell their businesses. I expect he's right on that, and the other side of that is that McCain's policies would presumably be favorable to billionaires who sell their businesses. No shock there either.

Sports fans in south Florida haven't been fond of Huizenga for a while now, though. The Dolphins have been mediocre for a while, and when he owned the Marlins, he got a World Series out of the deal and then sold off the players while raising ticket prices. I don't know too many sports fans who would be sad to see Huizenga take a hike from the Florida sports world permanently.

So here's a new commercial idea for south Florida. Dolphins Fans--want to get rid of Huizenga once and for all? Vote Obama/Biden.

In all seriousness, early voting starts tomorrow. I'm volunteering for the Hillary Clinton event tomorrow morning and will take pictures if I get the chance.

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