Could you be a citizen?

The new citizenship test for immigrants goes into effect today--you can take a sample test here (I got a 95%--missed a question on how many amendments there are to the Constitution). But there are some, ahem, interesting questions on the test, like the "what happened on 9/11/2001?" question, for example. Depends on who you ask, I think.

A year or so ago, when the story about the updated test first came out, I took about 20 minutes of class time and ran my students through the test, to see how well they would do. About a third failed it outright, which I found very disturbing. Here's an idea for Gwen Ifill at tomorrow's debate--do a quick fire round where both Joe Biden and Sarah Palin have to answer these questions on the fly. They want to be the number two people in the nation--let's be sure they have the basic knowledge necessary to even be a citizen.

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