Ummm Stanley?

There's a difference between having a sense of humor and being a joke.

He [George W. Bush] may not be an intellectual, but he isn’t dumb and he is shrewd enough to play his “aw shucks” personality for all it’s worth. And he has a really good sense of humor (something Barack Obama seems to lack) and a comedian’s ability to make capital out of his own malapropisms.
Bush may not be stupid, but he is intellectually incurious, which is worse, as far as I'm concerned. And even if your claim about Barack Obama is correct (and it isn't), I'll take a President who is overly serious over one who blithely wanders through his Presidency with nary a thought for the consequences of his actions. If anything, the fact that President Bush is able to look at the state of the union and do anything but commit ritual seppuku shows that his humor is based in the conservative idea that it's fun to point at homeless people and laugh at how smelly they are.

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