Taxi to the Dark Side

On September 29th at 9pm HBO will air Taxi to the Dark Side, a documentary exploring U.S. torturous practices in military prisons, focusing on the murder of an Afghan taxi driver in U.S. custody. HBO has picked up the documentary after Discovery Channel backed out, fearing that the film was too "controversial." I haven't seen it yet, but plan on watching it and thought I'd pass along the scheduling.

I have, however, followed HBO's seven part miniseries Generation Kill. The series, based off of a Rolling Stones article and, later, a novel by embedded author Evan Wright, follows an elite recon team during the beginning of the Iraq invasion and occupation. The series is completed, but HBO has been rerunning episodes recently. It's worth watching; infuriating, darkly comic, and did I mention infuriating?

HBO's been lining up some yummy stuff, dig in!

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