Stupid Quote of the Day

I know--it's early, and undoubtedly someone, somewhere will say something dumber, but this is my way of getting in first. From David Brooks, I give you Christopher Whalen, a conservative economist:

“The joyous reception from Congressional Democrats to Paulson’s latest massive bailout proposal smells an awful lot like yet another corporatist love fest between Washington’s one-party government and the Sell Side investment banks.”
Yes, that joyous reception that consisted of Congressional Democrats saying things like this and this. Those Congressional Democrats who told Paulson that there wasn't a chance in hell that he was going to get $700 billion, no strings attached, no matter how much he claimed he needed it now. Those Congressional Democrats who looked at an election 6 weeks away and figured out that if they gave Bush what he wanted, that they might just lose their jobs and decided that a little discussion was warranted.

Yeah, I think that puts Whalen in the early lead for stupid quote of the day.

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