Stupid Question

Lois Solomon of the transParent blog (not, as the name might suggest, a blog for transgender or transsexual parents) asks a really dumb question.

Can a mother of 5 be a good Vice President?

I'm all for women achieving the highest political offices. But at what point do you have too many kids to take on the nation's second, and potentially first, most important job?

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's kids are 19, 17, 14, 7 and four months. The four-month-old has Down syndrome. The 17-year-old is pregnant.

Palin's family issues have ignited debates among women across the country, sometimes switching stereotypes. Lots of normally conservative women are cheering her ability to juggle family issues and political life, while some normally liberal women are wondering whether she can handle so many heavy responsibilities.

What's your take? Can Palin be supermom and Vice President? Or are five kids too much for a VP to handle?
Yes, a mother of five children can be a good Vice-President. We're talking about potential here, and as many of the commenters pointed out, we're also looking at a serious double standard. Barack Obama's two young daughters weren't brought up when people discussed his qualifications for the Presidency. John McCain has something like four kids, but that's never mentioned when discussing his qualifications to be President. Governor Palin deserves the same consideration.

The question here should not be whether or not a mother of five can be a good Vice-President. The question is whether or not Sarah Palin can be a good Vice-President. The answer to the second question, based on the policies she espouses, on her massive problems with accuracy in her speech last night, and on her hypocritical stances on personal power and abortion lead me to believe that she would not be a good Vice-President. From a Republican standpoint, the things I just mentioned make her a perfect Vice-President, however, so your mileage may vary.

But what doesn't matter is how many kids she's had.

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