See what happens?

This is what happens when you have a government who thinks that the law is a play-toy, when you have a Justice Department that's more focused on winning than on being right, and when you have an Executive Branch that's primarily concerned with covering its own ass.

The Justice Department has threatened to file criminal charges against a former top National Archives official if he testifies as a defense witness in a high-profile national security case.
That on its own is, to me, bad enough, but then I read this part.
But the secret information Weissman and Rosen are being accused of passing along might not have been secret at all. Lawyers in the case told NEWSWEEK that, after reviewing a large volume of sealed evidence, Leonard was prepared to testify that the information at issue was either not properly classified or was already available from public sources, including newspaper accounts.
So let's make sure we've got this all straight. Not only do we have a government that has made a habit of reclassifying material that's been public record for years, now we have a Justice department that's considering charging a person with a crime because he's willing to testify that classified material might not have been classified properly. But wait, it gets better.
The two men are the first non-government officials ever to be prosecuted for disseminating "national defense information" under the law, raising concerns that others—including members of the news media—could ultimately face similar kinds of charges if the government's case is successful.
Suddenly, the arrests of journalists at the RNC look more like part of a pattern of intimidation. We have to take this country back, and we have to make sure that those who are behind this sort of abuse face prosecution as a result.

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