Of course he's not worried!

In today's Sun-Sentinel, the Tallahassee Burea reported that the Division of Elections has 32,000 new voter registrations backlogged after receiving 25,000 this week alone. On top of that, they only expect the number of new registrations to increase as the October 6th deadline approaches. What's more interesting is Crist's response to the backlog:

Gov. Charlie Crist told reporters Wednesday he isn't worried. "I think we'll have a very good election in Florida," said the governor.

Call me paranoid, but I can't help but think "Of course he isn't worried!" With the amount of new voters registering Democrat, this backlog is probably good news for Governor Crist. If the Division of Elections doesn't get all these new registrations processed in time, it just brings him one step closer to a White House that will pat him on the back for doing things like opposing changes to Florida's ban that prohibits gay and lesbian couples from adopting.

I'm crossing my fingers and doing a good luck jig that we get these registrations processed and Florida doesn't botch this one again. Who will join me? I've got an extra rabbits foot.

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