Nerdcore Rising

Obviously, I'm a little behind on this, since the teaser for the film has been out for over a year and a half, but let me jump on the bandwagon now. This is a movie I want to see.

Here's how cool it is--it's being screened at the Red Vic in San Francisco this November, and if you can't get behind seeing a documentary about a band who does nerd hip-hop at a worker's collective co-op movie house that serves popcorn with wheat germ on it, then I don't know you.

I read about this film last night on (can't currently find the link), and downloaded MC Frontalot's labum from emusic almost immediately afterward. Listened to it today on the train, and with the exception of one track, a horrible song titled "I Heart Fags," loved every second of it. Trust me--that song is an aberration on an otherwise wonderful album. It's funny, it's scatalogical, it's disgusting and disturbing in places, and it's got a Dalek saying "Exterminate!" on one track. You have to find it for yourself--that's the fun.

If you go here you can request a screening in your area. I assume that if they get enough requests from a location, they'll find a way to get it there. Give it a look.

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