More public transportation

Tri-Rail is growing, even though gas prices have come down marginally. And I'm one of their new customers.

Ridership was up 28.8 percent over the same period last year, compared with 4.9 percent for all commuter rail systems nationally.

Tri-Rail officials say double-digit increases have continued through the summer, with August ridership up 19.3 percent over the same month in 2007. That number would have been higher if not for Tropical Storm Fay, which disrupted service.
I've been taking the Tri-Rail to Boca Raton for the last few weeks, and let me tell you--the service has been solid, the trains have been on time or only a couple of minutes late, and the shuttle service from the train station to campus has been the same way (although my morning bus is really crowded). It takes me about 15-20 minutes longer to make the same trip I could make in my car, but it costs me marginally less per trip, it doesn't cost me upkeep and maintenance on my car, and I don't get that volcano of hatred triggered by my fellow human idiot drivers building up inside me. It's worth the extra few minutes.

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