More from Lilly Ledbetter

I'm really glad that this subject--equal pay for equal work--is getting so much play this election season from the Obama campaign, and not just because it's a winning issue. I'm glad because it's an important issue, and one that hasn't gotten enough press in, well, it seems like in my adult lifetime.

We have a nasty habit in this country of assuming because there aren't demonstrations in the streets every week that we've just gotten past some of the things that divide us. That's why we had people un-ironically talking about this being the first post-racial and post-sexist election season, when in fact, we're not post-anything.

And it would have been real easy for the Obama campaign to have run solely on other issues, like the Iraq War and the economy and never come out as strongly for equal pay or a woman's right to choose--another subject they've taken head-on in commercials this year. It would have been especially easy to do this after John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, given that she stands in opposition to pretty much everything feminism stands for. The Obama campaign could have said "well, that was a freebie" and continued what they were doing, but they haven't. They're actively pursuing women voters by focusing on issues that matter to them--issues of fundamental fairness and equality. And that's a good thing for everyone.

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