A Kind of Looting

It was five years ago that Nobel Prize winning economist George Akerlof referred to the Bush administration's economic policy as "a kind of looting" in THIS interview.

Has it occurred to anyone that this last grab at 700 Billion dollars is just their attempt to finish the job -- to get ALL the taxpayer money into corporate-class wallets -- while they still can?

I mean, disaster is how they do it: no one has (or can) do a proper accounting of the Iraq war costs, and most of that money was funneled into the profits of corporations. Isn't this disaster just another extortion? Another, "gimme all yer money OR ELSE"?

Let it crash, I say. Hey, maybe the disaster they've created will open up an opportunity for some new innovations to grow. You know, like new jobs for investigators and prosecutors, to bring these avaricious con men to justice.

Update from Brian: I just wanted to add this video I saw over at Balloon Juice. It's Rep. Marcy Kaptur on the floor of the House with her own ideas for reform. I'd like to see the Democratic party follow through on these.

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