Continuing with the big story from the RNC convention in Minneapolis: the insane jackbooted thuggery going on against not just hippie-houses, not just protestors, but also credentialed journalists holding TV cameras and wearing (multiple) press passes and convention-floor certifications who are being beaten, kicked, screamed at, hauled off, and "charged" with the sorts of vague and ridiculous "offenses" that are simply invented to be dropped. All those links, by the way, lead to the blog of one Mr. Glenn Greenwald of, who has been doing a great job of keeping this story constantly updated.

Veteran reporter Amy Goodman and two producers from Democracy Now! were abused and "arrested" by a mixture of police, secret service, and who-knows-whom while covering the convention. I recommend going to the Democracy Now! website and watching today's entire broadcast, in which they describe their experiences. If you'd prefer the short version, I've gone ahead and edited down a 10-minute taste:

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