I'm back

I've been away so long that some readers may not know I was ever here. But I'm back now, and I'm bringing to this blog what I've been posting on my other blog: word and phrase origins (thanks to Amy for the suggestion). Here's the entry for today.

political plum: When a delighted Matthew S. Quay was elected U.S. senator from Pennsylvania in 1887, he assured his supporters that he would "shake the plum tree" for them. From this promise came our expression a political plum, an excellent or desirable thing, a fine job.
From the Facts on File Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins

We're in the throes of packing our house and moving, so my posting may be hit and miss until we get settled.

And for good measure, a picture I took last week while ambling through Abraham Lincoln's neighborhood (with apologies to Paul Strand):

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