It's a rainy morning, and I'd really rather be in bed, with raindrop patter on the windows just on the verge of my consciousness. I don't sleep so well during horrifying windstorms that dump a couple of feet of rain, especially when the inside of our our already cramped apartment is cluttered with all the stuff we normally store outside on the porch. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground is currently saying that the possibility Hurricane Ike will recurve out to the Atlantic is unlikely, but at the moment, I'm clinging to that slim chance like bitter Republicans cling to their guns. (Joke, y'all.)

Here's the Random Ten. Put your iTunes on party shuffle and post the next ten songs to pop up. And no, I don't have a copy of Jimmy Buffett's "Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season," so there's no chance of that coming up today. Here we go.

1. Star Wars--Nas
2. Saturn--Stevie Wonder
3. Stressed Out--A Tribe Called Quest
4. Valerie--Steve Winwood
5. Sinking Feeling--Chris Thomas King
6. Apology--Lazlo Bane
7. Zombie--Nellie McKay
8. Jenny Marie (Don't Go)--Cowboy Mouth
9. Love in Vain Blues--Robert Johnson
10. After Party--Ozomatli
What are you listening to this weekend?

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