Part 1: Bush's address to the nation came across as a terroristic threat. "Give us all your money, OR ELSE."

Part 2: John McCain is scared out of his mind. He wants to postpone the first debate because "the economy is in trouble," and, despite the fact that the topic of the debate was supposed to be security issues, there's no way it won't now be about the economy, something about which he knows nothing. If there's going to be some terrorizing going on, I'm glad that at least one of the culprits is himself terrified.

But we ordinary people know that the "Bush Recession" began in 2001 and never let up. All the so-called "growth" in the economy was built on debt, inflated prices, and worthless paper. That didn't help the ordinary person, but it let some rich people get much, much richer. Now that those super-rich are taking it in the nads, they want "we, the consistently recessed" to pay their bad debts? Nuh uh, motherfutcher. You made that mess, you are going to lie in it. (And if the congress gives any other answer, we all should move to New Zealand)

If you're actually scared that something bad might happen if we don't hand over all our present and future wealth to the bu$h-buds and greedheads of Wall Street, you just need to take a step back and see the clear outlines of this con job.

Read the Arun Gupta letter, as seen in Business Week, and Wired.

EDIT/ADDED: Tell all your NY friends to be at Wall Street TODAY at 4pm -- this show of opposition takes place at the same time as the Bush-Obama-McCain-Congressional Leaders meeting at the White House. It looks like they're actually going to go ahead with the bailout plan, and we need to be united as one loud voice shouting, NO.

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