Annette Taddeo's new ad

Lots of pundits have written off Annette Taddeo's campaign against Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, but the Taddeo campaign hasn't been discouraged. In fact, they're expanding the fight--more staff, more outreach, and now they're going up on television. They've given me a bit of a sneak peek at the new ad, and I'm trying to help spread the word.

As I've said in the past, we need more Democrats, and better Democrats in the House of Representatives. Taddeo is a chance for both, and this is a winnable race. If you're a local, especially if you live in Florida's 18th district, volunteer and help get out the vote, and if you're from a safe district, consider sending the Taddeo campaign a few bucks. She's gone into her own pocket already a couple of times, and has done a hell of a job fundraising, so every penny helps. She's progressive on issues that matter a lot to us.

P.S. There's also a Spanish version of the ad.

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