Because it's just another case of a politician making a lot of noise to get some cross-party love and then not following through.

Gov. Charlie Crist on Wednesday ordered his Office of Executive Clemency to close some of the gaps that have prevented felons who have served their time from having their civil rights restored, including the right to vote.

Crist's order comes more than a year after he opened the door to a streamlined system that allows felons who have served their time and repaid their debts to restore their civil rights more quickly.

But the governor's actions are too little, too late for the American Civil Liberties Union which asked Crist in December to implement the changes then, rather than waiting until there are only weeks left before the registration books close for the November election.
I have to admit, it's a nice swerve. Crist got a lot of love from Florida Democrats in his first year in office because he was pushing this sort of thing, especially because he was doing it in the face of fierce opposition from more conservative elements in his own party. You could practically see the rage coming out of Attorney General (and former Clinton impeachment House Manager) Bill McCollum's face when he talked about Crist's plan.

But it's all worked out. Crist got some love from a constituency that wouldn't normally give him the time of day, and felons who've done their time are still on the slow track to restoration of their civil rights. And just like in 2000 and 2004, a constituency that would more likely go Democratic than Republican is still unable to vote. A cynical man might think that was the plan all along, but I'm not cynical.

Am I?

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