That would be beautiful

Bill Kristol has come up with a doozy in his lifelong strong of bad ideas disguised as punditry--well, bad idea if you actually want John McCain to win in November, that is. From my point of view, it's a brilliant strategy that McCain would be a fool to pass up.

He could select the person he would really like to have by his side in the White House — but whose selection would cause palpitations among many of his staffers and supporters: the independent Democratic senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman.
Oh please, give Joe Lieberman the chance to make history as the only person to lose the Vice-Presidency as a member of both parties. Make him the ultimate trivia footnote, the bane of drunken pub nights in decades to come. He deserves it so.

As for the rest of Kristol's column, well, Bill still exhibits the selective memory that has served him so well as a neocon all these years. For instance, look at this characterization of Lieberman.
Lieberman could hold his own against Biden in a debate. He would reinforce McCain’s overall message of foreign policy experience and hawkishness. He’s a strong and disciplined candidate.
This is the same Lieberman who rolled over for Cheney in their 2000 debate, and who couldn't concede fast enough in November of that same year. Strong and disciplined? Maybe in neocon-world where everything is opposite of reality.

And then there's this nugget:
And as a one-off, quasi-national-unity ticket, with Lieberman renouncing any further ambition to run for the presidency, a McCain-Lieberman administration wouldn’t threaten the continuance of the G.O.P. as a pro-life party.
This is the second time in the last week that I've seen a suggestion that a candidate for national office ought to limit his ambitions as regards the Presidency. McCain, for his part, is having none of it, and given the way Lieberman reacted when his party tossed him in Connecticut, there's no reason to believe he'd make any sort of pledge to not run (and finish fifth or worse) for the presidency as a Republican either.

Needless to say, I think that a McCain/Lieberman ticket would be the most awesome thing for Democrats since, well, ever, so I'm rooting for it, not just because I'd like to see Joe Lieberman's name cemented into history, but because I'd love to see Bill Kristol keep his record of insane wrongness intact. John McCain--only you can make both those dreams come true.

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