Road Trip Review

I spent most of the weekend on the road--my daughter moved into her dorm this weekend, so I drove a total of 1700 miles to see her. It was worth it, but instead of boring you with the details of dormitory life, I figured I'd bore you with a review of the road trip itself.

One thing that's important to know in advance--National won't rent you a car if you live locally unless you have a credit card. That would have been nice to know before I showed up to pick up the car I'd reserved. It made the morning of my drive a bit more exciting than I'd planned. Fortunately, Thrifty came through for me, and provided me with the chariot you see below, and at the economy car rates. If only it had gotten the economy car gas mileage.

Side note: there is absolutely no reason why an auto rental company should purchase cars for their fleets that don't have cruise control. Come on. I appreciate the cup holders and the power windows and the connection on the stereo for the mp3 player, but I'd have traded it all for cruise control. 1700 miles is rough on the foot.

As far as cars go, the PT Cruiser was nice. The driver's seat is pretty upright, which made it comfortable for the 12 hour trip. It hesitated a bit on takeoff, which made it feel a little underpowered, but the ride was smooth and the steering was responsive. It got about 22 miles per gallon for the trip, which wasn't what I was hoping for--thanks again, National Car Rental.

And I'm really glad to be home and out of the car. 1,700 miles in 3 days is too much time in a car for my tastes. It was worth it, though.

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