RIP Rep. Tubbs-Jones

The news hit, confusingly, earlier today--Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio was in critical condition in a Cleveland hospital because of a brain aneurysm, then she was dead, then she wasn't dead but was in critical condition with minimal brain activity. It looked like her passing was an inevitability, so I decided to wait until it was official before expressing my condolences.

Because, you see, Rep. Tubbs-Jones is a bit of a hero to me. She was one of twenty members of the House of Representatives who, in January 2005, exercised her responsibility and objected to the votes that had been cast in the Electoral College for the state of Ohio, and thanks to Senator Barbara Boxer of California (another hero of mine), was able to force a hearing over the legitimacy of George W. Bush's re-election.

It didn't change much--King George the Lesser has continued his destructive reign for the last four years, and the nation that soon-to-be President Obama will inherit is a damn sight worse off than the one John Kerry would have gotten. But when historians look back at this period of our nation's existence--and I suspect many a dissertation will come out of this time, just because of the sheer fucked-up-edness of it all--they'll get to talk about people like Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, who stood up in the face of a rotten election and said, through her actions, "you may get what you want, but we will not be silent in the face of it." We need more people like her in Congress, not fewer, and 58 is too young for people like that to leave us.

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