That's the title of Barack Obama's new campaign commercial, available below.

That $2 million really looms large when you consider how much less money McCain has raised than Obama. By way of comparison, through June, Barack Obama has raised over $339 million total for both the primaries and the general election, while McCain has raised just over $145.4 million. McCain has gotten $2 million from oil companies while Obama has gotten $400,000--the percentage of McCain's total war chest from oil companies is significantly larger than Obama's.

Some people are no doubt point to Obama's recent turn on offshore drilling--and it's a turn, no question--and scream about it. McCain's made a similar turn, but no one seems to be so upset about it, I suppose because he did it earlier than Obama. As I said back in July, I think drilling is inevitable--crappy, but inevitable. The question is, what are we going to get in return? With McCain, we'll get more of the same--you can count on that. So let's demand something from Obama in return, and I don't mean lower gas prices. Cleaner energy, universal health care, an end to fossil fuel energy subsidies, more money for space exploration--pick one, pick two, whatever. But let's get something in return for what we're giving up here.

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