Obama's VP

The buzz is that the Obama campaign will send out THE TEXT probably early tomorrow morning (dependent on news cycles more than anything else: if another big story breaks, like a plane crash or celebrity misdemeanor, expect them to delay). Most sources are suggesting that the field has been limited to Bayh, Biden, Kaine, Sebelius, and Richardson.

I've decided to take the google image search approach to prognostication: what does Google Image say about the possibles?

Methodology: I've google searched "Obama [possible VP]" and looked only at the top results. The images are then rated according to how much they look like a Prez and his Veep.

Starting with least Prez-Veepish:

BAYH. The top google image searches for "Obama Bayh" turn up a series of photos of Bayh and Clinton. This practically disqualifies Bayh.

2nd Least Prez-Veepish:

SEBELIUS. I hate to say it, because I'd like to see her as Veep, but the google image search does not lie: in one photo her hand touches Obama's in limp lack-of-victory salute, in another they appear as awkward as two chaperons pressured into dancing with each other at a Middle School dance, and in a third they look about to make out. Varying feelings from each of these photos, but none feel Prez-Veepish at all.

That leaves Kaine, Richardson, and Biden, who each come up using the google image method at various levels of Veepishness.

Coming in third:

BIDEN. I'm not so sorry to see him 3rd runnered-up, I'll admit, but the proof is in the pics: the image search pulls up photos of Obama and Biden which so lack chemistry they might as well have been forcibly juxtaposed by a photo editing program. Oh wait, one of them was. There is one good shot of Biden listening to Obama speak with something close to Veepish deference, but that just keeps him a tick above Sebelius.

That takes us down to Kaine and Richardson. Now of course I am massively pro-Richardson, having once written swooningly about his sexy (and oh-so-presidential) beard, so I might be considered biased... which is why this prediction should carry even more weight. Richardson comes up the less Veepish of the two.

2nd Place:

RICHARDSON. The google image search results for "Obama Richardson" do indeed come up Prez-Veepish looking, which means the system does mark him for an acceptable choice. The problem comes in the extent to which Richardson looks more Prezish than Veepish, and makes Obama look more Veepish than Prezish.

Which brings us to the winner and my prediction for Obama VP:

KAINE. Notice how Veepish he looks standing next to Obama, and how much more Prezish he makes Obama look in comparison. Even when Kaine is in the foreground of the picture, he manages to direct attention on Obama. He's got an expression on his face of sublime second-fiddledom, a classical deference when he tucks his arms behind his back, a full and enthusiastic victory wave when he gets that arm out there.

Google Image Predicts: Obama/Kaine 2008!

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