I'm really confused here

I came across this image in a story about Colorado Republican Bob Shaffer's son's Facebook page. I'm of the opinion that what a child does ought not necessarily reflect poorly on the parents, and so I don't want anyone to think that this is an attack on Shaffer. Let's be frank--most 19 year olds, and I say this with great affection for them as many of my students are in this age group, are dumb, and they don't think about what they do or say or put out there for public consumption. It's clear that this kid has some real issues with race and gender and sexual identity, but that pretty much makes him just like every other 19 year old overly privileged punk kid--and there are lots of those in this country.

Besides, I'm way more interested in the nature of the image itself. I think it's fascinating. Look at all the contradictions going on in there. The big one, of course, is that Jesus is not only dressed in a business suit, but is packing heat. Whatever happened to "he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword," as well as the guy who said to his followers to sell all their possessions and continually follow him? This certainly isn't the Jesus I read about in the Bible.

And then there's the Confederate Flag. The person who created this image obviously thinks of the Republicans as a post-Lincoln party--at least they're honest about that. But there's no question that the creator is thinking of the Confederate Flag as a symbol of racism and oppression, because there's no logical linkage between that flag and the president who freed the slaves, which makes me wonder, what kind of person would link Jesus to a practice as repugnant as slavery?

It's certainly not based in logic or any mainstream understanding of Jesus, and I don't even want to suggest that it's a widespread point of view. Most Christians I know personally would be appalled at this view of Jesus, and even though I don't believe in his divinity, I think he'd be pretty appalled by this, based on what survives of his teachings.

And yet. What kind of person comes up with this, much less applauds it?

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