As I've mentioned before, I grew up in south Louisiana, specifically, in the part that's likely to get slapped around pretty good by Hurricane Gustav for the next couple of days. The news reports about evacuations have been encouraging--90+% evacuations in New Orleans and in the coastal regions, which tells me that Katrina knocked some of the bravado out of the locals, which is tough to do.

The people closest to me have either evacuated or, in the case of my daughter, just stayed at college, which should be get some rain, possibly some tropical storm force winds, but even that is unlikely. It'll be the second time in the last four years that she's had a hurricane hit on or near her birthday. One of Amy's best poems was about the last one. Here's hoping there's less need for a poem this time around.

So my friends, past and present, in Louisiana and thereabouts, be safe. I'll be worried about you.

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