Enough Already

So I'm watching MSNBC--David Shuster's Race for the White House--and one of the people he's interviewing mentions that 12% of Americans still believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim. He then proceeded to say that Obama needs to hit that point, not dwell on it, but hit it and move on. I say it's not worth addressing anymore. Why?

Because 12%, especially given who is likely to make up that group, is insignificant in terms of this election. I mean, it's fair to assume that there's a lot of overlap between that 12% and the 17% of Americans who think the US is on the right track. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some overlap with the 18% who think the earth's temperature hasn't been rising for the last 100 years. And it wouldn't surprise me (though I won't assume) if there some overlap between that 12% and the 18 percent who believe there exists an inter-dimensional Sasquatch teleporting in and out of our plane of existence.

I mean, I think one thing is abundantly clear. Between 15 and 20% of the population of the US are complete idiots. Fortunately, if they're the types who don't understand global warming or who think the US is on the right track, then they weren't going to vote for Barack Obama anyway, so it's no great loss, politically speaking.

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