Debate Meltdown

Thanks to Rate Your Students for linking to this truly mind-blowing video of a CEDA debate. CEDA stands for "Cross Examination Debate Association," and it apparently organizes intercollegiate debates. 

Which implies that the people freaking out on this video are professors.

I'm not going to pretend that I know too much about the background, and what is most notable about the argument these two debate professors (?) are having (aside from the jumping, screaming, and ass-flashing) is the lack of reason and substance of detail. The argument clearly has something to do with race, and the white professor keeps insisting that his debaters were made to "feel uncomfortable" by the black professor -- what can we make of that? I guess it doesn't matter, because I just keep trying to imagine what, what, could have possibly merited response like this, and I can't think of a single damn thing.

More info.

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