Dean vs. Carville/Begala

Okay, given that Carville and Begala haven't had a notable success since 1992--1996 if you give them credit for Bill Clinton's second term win--and were openly opposed to Howard Dean's 50-state strategy which helped us win back both houses of Congress for the first time since 1994 (when Carville and Begala were still the hot ticket), I think I know who I'm going to give credence to when we're looking at how the convention is going so far. Here's Carville and Begala:

Democratic strategist Paul Begala took issue with Warner's comments, suggesting that more partisanship, not less, was needed at the party convention.

"This isn't the Richmond Chamber of Commerce," Begala said Tuesday.

On Monday, James Carville told CNN: "If this party has a message, it's done a hell of a job hiding it tonight, I promise you that."
And here's Howard Dean:
"We don't need to attack McCain" during the convention's opening events, Dean told delegates from Ohio, a battleground state. "There will be plenty of time for that."

It's more important, he said, "to make sure people know who Barack Obama is, who Joe Biden is."

"There is not a unity problem," he added. If anyone doubts that, he said, "wait 'til you see Hillary Clinton's speech tonight."
Dean is understating it a bit--McCain has come in for some attacks, most notably from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who hit him with her "John McCain has the experience of being wrong" line. But since the media has decided that this is going to be a narrative about whether or not the Democrats are united--look at the headline for the piece I quoted from as an example--I think it's a good idea to make that the focal point of the convention.

And if I might offer some advice to anyone who's watching the convention out there--watch it on C-SPAN, because I can promise you one thing about the coverage of Clinton's speech tonight. It doesn't matter what she says or how she says it--she could give Barack Obama a tongue bath while defecating on a burning effigy of John McCain and there will be analysts who say that she's sending coded messages to her supporters to help McCain win. Watching them will make your head explode, and C-SPAN has none of it, so save your sanity and make your own mind up.

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