Dave Eggers

is an extraordinary human being.

The writing world always seems to be full of self-obsessed arrogant pricks. I grew up believing that one of the worst things you could be is "in love with the sound of your own voice" -- and sadly, that describes a lot of writers out there.

You may not be aware of how different Dave Eggers is, though: while most authors publish a successful book and start strutting around like deluded roosters, Eggers turned his success into a community project (that grew into a nation-wide project) to expand the lives of under-served children, mostly the children of recent immigrants to this country. And did it in a way that is so much fun (pirate supply store?), it'll not only bring joy to your heart, it'll remind you what humorless shits most of us are when we're trying to do something good.

Watch this recent video of Eggers describing his work:

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