Good people like to warn, these days, that by not taking care of today's problems, we are creating worse problems for "our children and grandchildren"--future generations.

The energy crisis, for example: we're addicted to oil, and the price is going higher. We're in hock to some of the worst people on Earth, in Russia, Saudi, Sudan, China... And every president for the last 30+ years has seen it coming. And they didn't do anything about it.

Are we mad at those presidents? Do we look back and ask why they didn't do anything?

Our children and grandchildren will look back and wonder, we always say, "if they saw the problem, why didn't they fix it when they had the chance?"

But everyone, including you, has a grandfather:

This is the famous "malaise" speech: the speech that has for three decades been considered the suicide tape of presidential politics. This is the speech that presidents look at and say, "dear god I must not do that, or my presidency will be worse than nothing."

So should we really be mad at every president for 30+ years who has done nothing about a looming, horrific problem on the horizon? Look at who they were representing, look at who voted them in: the same jackasses that saw Carter give this speech, full of detail and reason, and voted him out in favor of the "sunshine" politics of Ronald Reagan.

A president gave a speech in which he laid out the truth to the American people, where he treated them like adults, and how did the people react? With hatred and disgust. Every leader since has destroyed the future of this country (and the planet) in our names. It makes me want to kick every jerk that voted for Reagan right in the teeth.

Imagine the world we'd live in if those stupid "me generation" Reagan-brained jerk-nuts had been able to look past a little economic hardship and take one for the team. Oh well. People. Stupid balding apes.

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