What took you so long?

Italy finally made it into the 20th century with its ruling that blue jeans aren't a chastity belt.

ROME - It was less than a decade ago that Italy’s top criminal court ruled that it was impossible to rape a woman who was wearing jeans. The court concluded back then that nobody could forcibly remove a woman’s jeans unless she cooperated.

Since then, the court has changed its mind.

It has now upheld the sexual assault conviction of a man who argued that it would have been impossible to carry out the attack on a teenager because the girl had been seated and wearing jeans at the time.
This has come up in my poetry classes in the past--when we talk about feminist poetry, the issue of rape is often part of the subject matter and so rape law becomes part of the discussion. Most of my students have no idea what a rape shield law is, much less that this sort of argument has been made in what we would consider civilized countries. I like to blow their minds at least 5-6 times a semester--this will do the job nicely, I think.

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