Well no wonder

AP's decision to go after bloggers makes perfect sense now. We're not going to be using them as sources so much anymore--we're going to be kicking their asses for the deliberately crappy job they're doing--so they might as well make us pay for the privilege.

What does “cutting through the clutter” mean? According to Fournier’s new approach, it includes more first-person writing, emotive language, and abandoning the forced, false neutrality (he said, she said) that has dominated AP reporting for years. As Michael Calderone explained, AP reporters are now “encouraged to throw away the weasel words and call it like they see it when they think public officials have revealed themselves as phonies or flip-floppers.” Fournier calls the trend “accountability journalism” and “liberating…the truth.”...

But the AP’s coverage has deteriorated since — and it goes beyond just the AP giving John McCain donuts and McCain giving the AP barbecue. There was the slam-job on Obama that read like an RNC oppo dump, followed by a scathing, 900-word reprimand of Obama’s decision to bypass the public financing system in the general election, filled with errors of fact and judgment.

When Obama unveiled his faith-based plan, the AP got the story backwards. When Obama talked about his Iraq policy on July 3, the AP said he’d “opened the door” to reversing course, even though he hadn’t.

The AP’s David Espo wrote a hagiographic, 1,200-word piece, praising McCain’s “singular brand of combative bipartisanship,” which was utterly ridiculous.
Yep. They're going to try to make us pay for the privilege of calling them liars and idiots. Won't happen.

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