Um, Bill?

If you're counting on American voters going for McCain because they're scared of the prospect of Democratic control of both Congress and the Presidency, you're in deep denial. I mean, I know you're the famous columnist with the NY Times column and all, but seriously, this is what you've got to hold on to?

Given the unpopularity of the current Democratic Congress, given Americans’ tendency to prefer divided government, given the voters’ repudiations of the Republicans in 2006 and of the Democrats in 1994 — isn’t the prospect of across-the-board, one-party Democratic governance more likely to move votes to McCain than to Obama?

So I cheered up once again. For it will become increasingly obvious, as we approach November, that the Democrats will continue to control Congress for the next couple of years. But if the voters elect Obama as president, they’ll be putting Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in untrammeled control of our future.
Two things wrong with this. First of all, you're giving American voters way too much credit here. Your boy Dubya got a ton of votes back in 2000 because people thought he'd be better to have a beer with, not because they thought that he'd work well with a divided Congress.

But secondly, you're not being honest about the reasons for Congress's unpopularity. Congress's numbers are so low because Republicans are mad at the Democratic Congress because they're not rolling over for King George the Lesser, and because Democrats are mad at the Democratic Congress because they're rolling over for King George the Lesser too much. Trust me--the logic works on this.

But there's a reason why even you admit that the Democrats will retain control of Congress and expand their majorities in November--because Republicans have destroyed their brand for the moment. They'll build it back--I'm not one of those folks who sees the death of the opposition party. Democrats aren't nearly as unpopular as you're trying to make them out to be, so to those few voters who actually look beyond the personalities and superficialities of the two major candidates, having the Democrats in charge of both Congress and the Executive is a feature, not a bug.

And the rest of them aren't paying that much attention.

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