We just saw the Dark Knight -- it was good, but more thrillingly, it was prefaced by a dreamy teaser for next year's The Watchmen. 

I am definitely in the camp that believes that The Watchmen probably can't be done well as a movie: the story is too long and complicated for a quick 2-hour jaunt. However, this trailer looked good. It was image-based and the images rocked. From the moment I saw the intrinsic field being torn from (the soon to be) Doctor Manhattan, I was sold. The shots of him on Mars are also perfect, and the woman playing the Silk Spectre is a perfect lookalike for the comic (ditto Rorschach and Night Owl, Ozymandias, not so much), and the different clips showing the Comedian alternately killing and being killed looked spot-on perfect. 

Now I know, I know: these are just visuals. How they portray the plot, the way the roles are acted, the pacing and so on, all those things remain to be seen. But the visuals are good, and that's a good sign. I've got fingers and toes crossed and am feeling a bit more optimistic about the Watchmen movie.

Oh, and did I mention that Dark Knight was good? Seriously, all that people have been saying about Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker is completely true: awesome.

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