The story has been out there for a little while now--an Idaho vendor making campaign buttons or Idaho Democrat Larry LaRocco accidentally put Larry Craig's face on the button instead. I'm sure the wide-stance jokes will be flying fast and furious, assuming they haven't started already.

You know what the really interesting thing to me is, though? Obama isn't a liability in Idaho, apparently. Ponder that for a moment. Idaho, one of the reddest states out there, one of the last states to dip Bush's approval numbers below 50%, home to some pretty hardcore white supremacists--being linked to Obama isn't a political handicap. And mind you, LaRocco isn't an also-ran here--he's competitive. It will be an upset if he wins, no question, but he's not an underfunded challenger with no chance. I don't really have anything else here--I'm just marveling at that.

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